Trainee SEO (Career Change) in Queenstown, NZ

Guerrilla has a new vacancy and opportunity for a ‘Trainee SEO’ in Queenstown CBD. No experience required!

This position is a permanent one.

The successful candidate will work as part of a small team optimising client websites. Working alongside the owner who is a seasoned SEO practitioner with over a decade of hands-on experience and a qualified and experienced Website & Graphic Designer.

Although the role is starting on a trainee wage, this will be reviewed in 6 – 12 months depending on the level of competence achieved during the training period.

The ideal candidate will be analytical and creative minded while looking for a career change. You will have varied background and experiences in a few industry sectors which you will use to draw upon during your SEO training.

It is of upmost importance that applicants are enthusiastic about learning more about the internet, Google’s index & search engine policies, professional SEO software, web platforms and social media.

It is not a requirement to have any knowledge of SEO, however due to the nature of SEO, lots creative writing will be required of you, therefore you will need to have a passion for creative writing as this in addition to the more technical aspects of SEO will make up a good portion of the role.

SEO involves a large amount of on-page and off-page website analysis. Combining web analysis, keyword research, technical SEO knowledge, creative writing and website content sharing on social media and other platforms results in effective online marketing strategies for companies trading online. The aim of the first 12 months will be to become competent and efficient in all of these activities.

SEO Job Activities

During the first year you will be focusing on learning how to:

– analyse websites using professional SEO software
– conduct keyword research
– write engaging copy for website visitors
– create attractive content for search engines
– edit existing content on client websites
– internal page linking
– external page linking

You will also:

– post content to websites
– post links on to social media and other platforms
– general on-page optimisation

Please note: we must stress that due to the amount of copy and content required to successfully optimise websites, an real interest in creative writing is required. Any basic knowledge or understanding of web platforms such as WordPress would be beneficial but not essential.

If you have the legal right to work in New Zealand and you are looking for a career change please get in touch by emailing your cv and ideally a cover letter.

How Do I Increase Organic Traffic to My Website?

It’s important to ensure that your website pages are optimised correctly for search. SEO has changed considerably over the last decade. Once you’ve optimised your existing pages, It’s important to remember to create unique content and publish posts regularly on your website.
Posting new content on your site and sharing it via social media networks shows search engines that your website is a growing resource, it encourages Google to revisit your website more regularly while building equity in your site and increasing it’s reach.

Sharing Content Encourages In-Bound Links to Your Website!

Publishing new and engaging content on your website is the foundation for a basic content marketing strategy. Sharing interesting and engaging content ultimately results in other website owners and bloggers to link their content to yours. In turn this improves your websites in-bound link profile, domain authority and subsequently increases your websites position in search engine results (SERPs).

Social Media Marketing Queenstown

Leverage the power of great website content and a great strategy for social media marketing Queenstown and the rest of New Zealand. Promotion of your website content and copy on social media platforms and networks can help increase your audience and customer base in a big way. Getting started without any previous experience or insight can be challenging and time consuming.

It’s essential that entrepreneurs and small business owners understand social online marketing fundamentals. Knowing how and why social media works will help you to build a foundation that will serve your customers, your brand and ultimately your bottom line.

Generate Visitors by Sharing Content on Social Media

Marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. Social media marketing Queenstown is quite different to traditional forms of marketing. Focus on building awareness, relationships and interacting with people online. Adding value online and in social circles results in quality followers and ultimately assists in delivering more sales. Quality online marketing takes time in the same way search engine optimisation does and you need to commit long-term to get results.

What’s the Benefit?

By sharing and discussing your website content you will open new entry points for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find it when people search. These entry points can grow to hundreds or even thousands of more potential ways for people to find you online.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re located in Queenstown or elsewhere in New Zealand we can help you to implement an effective social media marketing strategy and to implement conversion tracking and monitoring services to track the results of your activities. Call 021908921 and speak to Drew today.

Glossary of Website Terminology

The internet industry, website technology and web services in general can encompass a huge range of new or previously unheard terminologies, references and acronyms. If you’re new to conducting business online or you’re starting to invest in online marketing and search engine optimisation techniques and strategies we have started to collate a list / glossary of popular website terminology and acronyms used by professionals and those of us who are familiar with talking all things web.

We’ve categorised the glossary and website terminology to further help you in understanding which circumstances the acronyms, references and terms are used.


Domain – the name of your website e.g. ending in or .com etc

Hosting – your website is hosted on a server which is usually held at a website hosting company

Website Platform – the name given to the underlying technology a website is built on or using

WP (WordPress) – name of the most popular website platform used to build websites

eCommerce – conducting business online

Online Marketing & Advertising

PPC – pay-per-click advertising

CPC – cost-per-click

SMM – social media marketing

Blog – a page or section on a website which is used for posting new and regular content and updates

Content Marketing – a term used to describe the actions of marketing your website content using social media platforms and networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+

RSS – rich site summary – a web feed used to frequently publish updated information

Search Engine Terms

SEO – search engine optimisation

SEM – search engine marketing

Black-hat – a term given to search engine optimisation techniques and strategies which are against Google’s search engine policy

White-hat – a term given to search engine optimisation techniques and strategies which are within Google’s search engine policy

Grey-hat – a term given to search engine optimisation techniques and strategies which are questionable for or against Google’s search engine policy

Web Tools

GA – Google analytics (website statistics and marketing)

MOZ – an online tool for analysing website statistics and identifying opportunities


mCommerce – mobile commerce / conducting business online using mobile phones and other wireless handheld devices

We will continue to add to this post, please check back at a later date for more terms or if you have any to suggest please get in touch.

Website SEO Audit Queenstown

Why Do You Need to Perform an Audit?

An SEO audit should be performed regularly, audits are generally conducted for website marketing purposes.

When Does Your Website Need Auditing?

Some specialists recommend that you perform an SEO audit at both the beginning of each web project and every three months of the year or each quarter. In our opinion this is not necessary, in particular for small websites. Auditing for the sake of auditing is a waste of time and resources. If you have a medium or large website we would certainly recommend an audit is performed if you notice a significant drop in traffic, you have recently switched your internet marketing partner and you are about to invest in a new SEO campaign.

Why Perform an SEO Audit?

The aim of a search engine optimisation audit is to increase traffic to your website. A properly performed SEO audit will give you an in-depth understanding of your website, pages and its visitors. If you want to rank higher in Google or other search engine’s it’s a great way to bolster your website’s performance and to give you peace-of-mind that there are zero issues affecting your site or restricting its potential.

What’s Involved?

An auditor will perform the following tasks:

  1. technical analysis – accessibility and indexability
  2. on-page analysis – page and content issues
  3. off-page analysis – trust factor, shared content, links etc
  4. analysis of your competition
  5. keyword research

SEO auditing is a crucial process for running a successful website and internet business.

SEO Copywriters Queenstown

SEO Copywriters in Queenstown CBD

How can I get my website to rank high in search engines? You can start by making the best page on the internet for your topic.

Copywriting is creating content which will be used on website, blog and other online media and print type material. Copy is usually used in website content marketing or advertising. Written material can be used to raise brand awareness and to encourage people to visit web pages or buy products and services etc.

Why Use Professional Copy Services?

The intention of professional copy is to get the individuals who are reading the text to take a particular action e.g. click to view another web page on your site, make an enquiry or to buy a product or service for sale. Ultimately the goal for a copywriter is to create great or outstanding content that readers find valuable or interesting and makes them want to take the action you are recommending.

Keep SEO in Mind When Publishing Copy on Your Website

Not all copywriters are web-savvy or SEO savvy and some are better than others. If you are going to pay copywriter fees for professionally written copy, it’s a good idea to use a writer who understands keyword density, relevance and variation. We would advise this in particular if you don’t know how to optimise the copy yourself.

If your copywriter creates a wonderful article for you to post on your website yet the article has no focus in terms of it’s titles and keyword content, Google will realise this when it crawls the article and subsequently it will not rank very well as it hasn’t been correctly optimised to appear in search results when people search for specific keywords or phrases.

How do you ensure Google knows the focus of the article and subsequently rank your page higher in it’s search index?

Copy Ranking Factors

There are numerous factors to a web page ranking high in the Google search index. Ensuring the copy in your article or blog post is optimised is just the beginning and you need to get it right. Your copy should not be too long or too short and it should have a title, sub-titles, html heading tags and a keyword density of no more than 2.5% although this is not an exact science. If your keyword is mentioned too many times or it accounts for more than 2.5% of the total words in the article you will run the risk of Google deciding that your copy is ‘spammy’ as you have stuffed the same keyword in to the text too many times. Avoid this by keeping your target keyword approximate density to 2.5% or less.

What Works When SEO Copywriting?

We believe the best way to create high quality and engaging content is to pay your copywriter to write broadly about your chosen topic rather than targeting just one or two keywords or phrases within a single subject area. Search engines use more intelligent and semantic search to find the best and most relevant content.

Semantic Search and Keyword Variation

When optimising copy use keyword variations and write broadly about the broader topic, for example if you are targeting the phrase “SEO copywriting” also use the phrase “SEO copywriter” and / or “copywriting for search engines“. By using variations of the keyword or phrase which say the same thing you are creating general ‘theme’ for the copy. Nowadays semantic search demands broader content which may include paragraphs and headings which use keywords and phrases such as ‘seo copywriting course‘ or ‘seo copywriting jobs‘. The intention of semantic search is to deliver more relevant content and search results to the searcher.

Standard Copywriter Service Prices and Fees

We offer high quality Copywriting Services at the prices listed below.

500 words 750 words 1000 words 2000 words
Blogs $50.00 $70.00 $90.00 $130.00
Press Releases $50.00 $70.00 $90.00 $130.00
Copy / Rewrites $50.00 $70.00 $90.00 $130.00
Website Content $50.00 $70.00 $90.00 $130.00
PDF $60.00 $80.00 $110.00 $210.00

Please note: the above prices are subject to GST.

E-Commerce Conversion Tracking

If you haven’t already implemented e-commerce conversion tracking on your website you are not accurately tracking the source of your business sales and enquiries. eCommerce tracking highlights daily, weekly and monthly which advertising campaigns and online marketing activities are generating your business revenue. For the sake of your business and your own peace-of-mind it is paramount that you know which campaigns and activities are the least and most profitable. Understanding this information enables you to finely tune your campaigns and activities so that you are not wasting money on activities which are prohibitive or have little or no benefits. Start working smarter today by implementing eCommerce Conversion tracking!

ecommerce conversion tracking

Paid Advertising Conversions

Pay-per-click advertising and other forms of paid online adverts have become far too expensive to simply allow a campaign to run without an effective conversion tracking system in place. Without eCommerce conversion tracking you are not in control of your advertising and you will not implement an effective or sustainable online sales and marketing strategy. Implementing eCommerce conversion tracking is not expensive and it is worth every cent. Website analytics and conversion tracking are provided in one easy-to-use Google Analytics console.

Easily Set Up E-commerce Conversion Tracking for Your Website

To see e-commerce data in your Google Analytics console, you need to enable e-commerce in your reports and add the code provided by Google to your website so that it can collect the required data. If you’re comfortable editing HTML and coding in JavaScript you can do it yourself, alternatively you’ll need help.


How Much Should a Website Cost in 2016?

Determining how much a website should cost is one of the most frequently asked but rarely answered questions in the website design world. Even now, with millions of websites online, there exists no magic formula for calculating either the cost of a new web site or the cost of a redesign.

The link at the bottom of this page tackles the subject head-on and provides a valuable ‘Project Quote Calculator’ to help you determine the approximate cost of developing a website this year. Although the article is posted on a website in the United States it’s the first calculator I’ve come across and well worth playing around with if you’re currently toying with the idea of investing in a website.

Website Design Cost Calculator

The calculator enables you to specify the following:

number of pages
style of design
number of copywriting pages
SEO placement guarantee
responsive design
database integration
eCommerce functionality
CMS (content management system)

Please note: regarding the above element “SEO placement guarantee”, always be wary of and question web agencies which offer ‘SEO guarantees’. It’s very difficult / if at all possible to offer such search engine optimisation guarantees. In my experience search engine optimisation companies which offer such guarantees will not offer the guarantee on competitive search phrases which generate real traffic.

Long-tail SEO

Investing in long-tail SEO (don’t worry about the terminology we can explain this in more depth) can be beneficial, however make sure you research the potential return on investment as it could result in a large amount of money badly spent.


If You Build a Website They Will Come… Right?

We’re afraid not.. it is very unlikely that a new website will simply start generating visitors regardless of how much money you have spent during the design and development stage. Encouraging natural or organic visitors and potential buyers to your site is not easy, it takes knowledge, investment and a lot of time. With the right guidance an optimised website and a profitable and sustainable online sales and marketing strategy can be implemented from the start. If you want to dominate your market and get results then let’s talk!

Website Planning for Sites Involved in E-commerce

When you have a website designed you need to consider which technologies to use, advanced website technologies may be at an additional cost.

Things to Consider

Do you want to host your own shopping cart or use a third party shopping cart?
How are your visitors going to pay for the products you sell online?
Does your website host have secure servers or will a third party service be required?
How is your product shipping to be handled?

Website Technical Stuff

Are you going to use an open source content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

Does your website need a database? SQL or MySQL?
Do you want your website to be built using PHP, ASP or another web programming feature?
Will you be using Web 2.0 applications?

Often website designers will build your website without mentioning or discussing the technical aspects. For example most small business websites are built using PHP programming rather than ASP. A programmer using ASP language will often charge more than a programmer using PHP. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the technologies, however it is important to know what technologies are being used and their pros and cons, getting it wrong in the first instance could turn out to be a very expensive mistake.

If You’re Unsure Take Some Expert Advice

Guerrilla offer web and e-commerce consulting services to help small business owners reduce the risk of spending money on unsuitable technologies and unnecessary services.

Website Analytics

Analysing website data and statistics helps to grow your audience, brand and increase sales. Investing large sums of money in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email newsletters and pay-per-click advertising campaigns require a suitable tool to accurately measure the the effectiveness of your campaigns and the return on your financial investment. Analysing website data will give you peace-of-mind that your online marketing is effective and profitable.

website analytics


What Are the Benefits of Analysing Your Site Data and Statistics?

Analysing your site data and statistics enables you to:

  1. analyse visitor traffic
  2. gain valuable insights in to how visitors find and use your website
  3. measure sales and conversions
  4. identify opportunities
  5. improve optimisation on your website
  6. build your audience

Google Analytics | Marketing and Web Analytics Software

Analysing statistical data is made easy by the use of leading-edge analytical software. The most well know ‘marketing and web analytics‘ software available is provided free of charge by Google. The amazing free online software is widely known as ‘Google Analytics‘. Once you’ve registered to use the software you will be provided with some source-code which Google uses to capture information about the visitors on your site. Once you have inserted the code correctly in to your site, Google will start reporting the data within hours.

Please note: you may need to use the services of a web developer to insert the code in to your site unless you are familiar with the process.