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About Us

Guerrilla is an SEO Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Website & Graphic Design agency located in central Queenstown, New Zealand. We are experienced SEO Practitioners and successful internet entrepreneurs.

Guerrilla’s experienced team can save you money in the short, mid and long term. By seeking specialist guidance from our professional e-commerce consulting department clients reduce the risk of spending on designs, products and services which may not be needed. As experienced e-commerce professionals we help you to make more informed decisions when investing your money in online projects.

With 15 years of experience working with website designers, developers and SEO consultants while building and running an industry leading multi-million dollar e-commerce business, we’re your perfect digital partner. We know what works, what doesn’t and we share our knowledge and experience with you.

Before You Get in Touch.. Consider the Following

If You Build a Website They Will Come… Right?

We’re afraid not.. it is very unlikely that a new website will simply start generating visitors to it regardless of how much money you have spent during the design and development process. Encouraging new visitors and potential buyers to your website is not easy. It takes commitment, knowledge, financial investment and a lot of time. With the right guidance a profitable and sustainable online sales and marketing strategy can be implemented.

Investing in the Wrong Technology and Services

Investing in the wrong website platform, web design or hiring a search engine optimisation company which use aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics can be a very expensive mistake. Implementing the wrong SEO strategy can result in Google penalising your website or worse – it may remove your website from its index completely.

What We Do

We design and optimise websites, create stunning graphics in-house using qualified and experienced graphic designers and we consult and advise on web projects.

Designing and building your website is just the beginning. The hard part is growing your website by establishing your brand online, generating organic traffic and converting visitors in to sales.

If you want to dominate your market and get results then let’s talk. Call 022 314 0149 to speak to Guerrilla

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