Benefits of graphic design for businesses

To understand the benefits of graphic design for businesses we need to understand what it involves and the importance of graphic design in marketing.

Graphic designers play a fundamental role in driving key business outcomes. They create concepts and produce artwork or designs to enhance visual communication. Using visual design elements and principles to deliver a specific message in an engaging and captivating way. Every detail, from colour to the typeface you use can say something different. Effective graphic design can convey personality, tone and even has the power to change the mood of your audience. It can build trust, goodwill & loyalty within your customers. Values they then associate with your brand.

Whether it’s a company logo, brochure design, creative illustration, product packaging, merchandising, info-graphics or even a piece of website content, the way that you create an image, to the layout that you use or the artistic styles that you employ tells a story and say’s something about you as a business. But it can do a lot more than attracting and keeping customers interested, amazing graphic design an make information easier to digest and increase brand interaction.

We offer graphic design services that transform your Idea’s from concept to completion and bring your brand to life. Helping you deliver the message you are looking to impart to the world, whilst affording you a level of professionalism and sophistication.

Cancer Research Brochure Design

The difference between winning business and losing out to your competitors

The image potential customers have of your business is represented in the form of your company branding. Your brand identity or logo is a symbol, a symbol they recognise, associate and judge accordingly to what they have seen from you in the past. Every piece of branded marketing material you put out in the world is an extension of your business, a representation of who you are and what you stand for. An effective branding campaign inclusive of all marketing materials is instantly recognisable, consistent across all platforms and delivers a clear and powerful message in the minds of it’s customers.

Putting out amateurish brand marketing material can instil negative associated connotations in the minds of your customers. Thoughts that might stick and be associated with your business branding and marketing. Presenting your brand in a negative light that is not worthy of your professional business. Though it may serve its purpose from a functional perspective; lacking that expert touch can mean the difference between winning business or losing out to your competitors.

We devise professional and thoughtful creative that not only tells the story you want to share with the world but makes an impact. From start-up businesses finding their feet to established small businesses, we tailor our approach to each client delivering compelling digital design solutions and creative artwork across New Zealand.

Hydro Recordings Graphic Design

Beautiful graphic design coupled with digital Innovation

The secret to our success is in blending creative design and innovation together. We take your ideas and translate them into beautiful, eye-catching design elements presenting them in modern, accessible and innovative ways.

Whilst creating stunning design visuals is a great way to get someones attention, what’s more important is that they deliver the message they were created for in the first place. We have unrivalled expertise in producing affordable graphic design solutions across both print and digital platforms, ensuring your content is always accessible no matter how your customer views it.

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Complete artistic control

From the very beginning, we make sure to offer the best experience possible, making sure you have complete artistic control. We understand every piece of promotional material or online content is created with a clear business objective in mind and how important it can be for your vision to be maintained and protected at all costs.

We make sure we keep you up-to-date on the design process throughout. Everything begins with you, from the initial conversations about concepts to the final product. We take your idea’s and devise thoughtful creative that meets your objective and expresses the story you want to share with the world.

We have a sickening habit of working hard to keep our clients happy. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have along the way. At the end of the day this is your project. We understand you know what it is you are looking for, we simply work with you to deliver graphic design business services that produce an end product that you are happy with.

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Graphic design services that bring brands to life

Strategic and effective brand marketing is detrimental in order for a business to be recognised and succeed in today’s saturated world of digital media. Dynamic graphic design can help you deliver a clear and consistent brand message to your audience as well as attract new customers by delivering compelling and eye-catching artwork that remains in sync with your brand across all platforms.

Logo design branding packages

While your brand is a customers mental shorthand for the promise your company is making, your logo is a symbolic reminder of that promise, an icon that is both familiar and resonates with them on a deep level.

We produce and implement logo design branding packages that make an impact and build brands that connect with customers on an emotional level. Affordable logo design packages that guarantee maximum coverage and consistency across all platforms.

Store design and visual merchandising

Professional business signs wether they be on your store-front or on the side of a vehicle are a great way to catch the eye of new customers, promote services and offer contact details so they can contact you there and then. We offer signage design services that draw customers in and act as the face of your business, a beacon customers are drawn to.

Merchandise design

While your company signage can act as a beacon, promoting your brand by offering branded merchandise can be a powerful way of actively allowing your customers to become part of the movement or the change associated with your brand. Merchandise design allows them to become part of a group of similar minded members, part of a community.

Interactive website design & UI Design that puts the customer first

We create stunning modern websites with design that puts the customer first at every stage of development to ensure they have the best online experience possible.

Our UI UX design process both captivates and engages your audience delivering an enjoyable and interactive online experience. We help you make a connection through thoughtful mobile ui design complimented by beautiful graphic design elements. Good website design not only attracts customers but ensures the experience is fun, easy-to-use and easy to navigate effortlessly guiding them from one step to the next, so by the time they reach your call-to-action, they are ready to take action.

Business card design & Stationery

Your graphic design business cards and stationery not only display contact information to prospective clients, they are a representation of your brand, the signature of your business. We offer businesses card design services and stationery that not only promotes your brand but make an impact upon delivery.

Brochure design services

Company brochure design does not have to be a bombardment of letters on a page, using creative brochure design can be a great way of informing and educating your customers in a fun and engaging way.

Brochure design principles including the use of eye-catching imagery, innovative modern typography and thoughtful layout can captivate, engage and educate in a way that is compelling and fascinating, driving sales right off the page.

Brand packaging design

When it comes to brand packaging design it is important for your product to be eye-catching and professional. But sometimes ’thinking outside the box’ can be great way to stand apart from the competition and make sure it is your product that is picked-up off the shelf.

Unique and innovative label and package design can compliment the features of your product, build your brand, educate and excite your buyer. We offer logo design branding packages that deliver unique, innovative and modern packaging designs that do more than just store a product.

Illustration design services

Graphic design and illustration design go hand-in-hand to create artistic, modern expressions of a concept, message, product or an Idea. A visual design that embodies brand personality, emphasises key messages and style.

While graphic design is a sure way of telling the story of a product or delivering a brand message, product design illustration is an artistic expression of that message. We are NZ illustrators that specialise in bringing both graphic design and illustration together to catch and keep the attention of your customers, deliver your message and meet your business objectives.

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So, in conclusion, provocative graphic design can help your business in many area’s but ultimately its about delivering a message in a way that your customers react to, engage with and understand.

Everything that we do for you starts with a question. What do you need? It is our unwavering commitment to provide you with the best possible options in order for us to facilitate your needs.

At the end of the day, this is your creative project. We are here to take the raw ideas that you have, the clay as it were, and sculpt them into a profitable masterpiece. We blend innovation and talent to make sure that you get you the results you re looking for.

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