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An engaging business website is an invaluable investment when starting a new business. Website design consisting of compelling visuals, a thoughtful layout and dynamic imagery can not only generate interest in your brand, but it can build credibility, attract new markets and reach your target audience 24 hours a day. However, there is more to designing and developing a website than just good looks.

Informative website design expresses who you are as a business. It is an extension of your brand. As a small business web design company, we understand the significance of a sustainable business strategy that aligns with your core objectives and values.

Incorporating your marketing plan, Guerrilla design beautiful, tailor-made websites alongside web developers to establish a connection with your customers, generate leads and ensure you reach your business goals.

Gents Queenstown Branding & Website

Affordable website design at your own pace

We understand that in the beginning the thought investing a lot of money into a website is not Ideal without seeing the results it is producing first. That is why we take things at your pace.

We build great-looking engaging websites using PHP and javascript languages on the best open-source platform that allows room for growth in the future. So when your business is ready to grow or expand you are not restricted by the limitations of a template or platform.

Managing your website with our wordpress website design packages

All of our websites are built on WordPress, a CMS (content management system) that allows you to easily add your own content. We use WordPress over other platforms such as Squarespace and Wix, as WordPress boasts the best capability for future growth better over other platforms and for implementing profitable search engine optimisation strategies.

Envico Mobile-First Website

Mobile ready responsive web design services

As of 2020 the amount of user traffic from different mobile platforms exceeds that of those on a desktop. Today, having a mobile-ready website is not only important; it’s crucial. We create responsive website designs that are consistent across all devices whether it be by phone, tablet or an old desktop computer with responsive web design enriching the user’s experience across mobile applications.


Rank in google with our website design and seo packages

Arguably the most important aspect when taking your business online, is for people to be able to actually discover it. A great looking website is not much use if your target audience cannot see you. More importantly within a saturated market, you need your target audience to find you in search results; not your competitors. Optimising your website to rank in Google is a critical component when selling products and services online.

Optimised website design

Search engine optimisation a key factor and a significant part of Guerrilla’s process when developing your website. We build our websites on the most SEO friendly platform on the market. So when you are ready to implement a profitable and sustainable online marketing strategy, your website will not only rank high in google but will connect you to customers over your competitors, drive traffic and generate new leads.

Shooters Bar Website

Create an experience for your user with UX Design

An atheistically great looking website might catch visitor’s attention, but how they then interact and experience your website can mean the difference between attaining a loyal customer and losing them forever.

An effective user experience strategy and comprehensive interaction design can assist marketing funnels, incite spontaneous purchasing and even instill loyalty within your customers.

Guerrilla takes the needs of your customers into consideration at every stage of the design process. UX design and UI design are critical components of digital marketing and our design process. Through rigorous and continuous user research, testing and refining, the users experience is at the forefront of our work. We create user-friendly digital solutions that guarantee an enjoyable, easy to use experience.

mobile user experience design

With most people searching via mobile devices, responsive web design is more important than ever. Guerrilla put the customer first at all times, putting ourselves in their shoes at every stage of development. Every component whether it be navigation, visual imagery & info graphics, layout or usability is thoroughly tested, refined or even re-designed to cater to the needs of the end-user.

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