Carobi logo and brand design
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Carobi Logo

Carobi Liquor

Carobi is was boutique an exotic liquor made from a blend of tropical fruits, infused berries and high alcohol content with peaty after-tones. ‘Carobi’, the word itself is derived from an ancient African form of Voodoo.

Guerrilla worked alongside Carobi to create a brand with characteristics and personality largely influenced by it’s Jamaican & African Voodoo origins. Every aspect of design was crafted by hand including scratching, cutting and ripping textiles using recyclable materials finished with acrylic paint. With its bold colours, scratched background and hand painted logo, branding suggests dark, ancient and mysterious origins.

Label Design for CarobiLabel Design for Carobi
Packaging Design for CarobiPackaging Design for Carobi
Brochure Design for CarobiBrochure Design for Carobi

Serices on Project: Branding, Brochure Design, Packaging Design

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