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Envico are the leading online health and safety course comparison company in the United Kingdom. The envico-online.com website boasts thousands of course pages and content. It was imperative that the website be built around a rigorous strategic search engine optimisation and branding strategy. Another key factor was user experience and user interaction design. As large as the website was, consisting of thousands of courses, articles, guides; the information had to be easy to digest, find, easy to read and aesthetically intriguing.

Guerrilla rose to the challenge with eager anticipation. A truly unique project entailing the perfect balance of brand, user experience design, SEO strategy and digital marketing; everything we stand for.

Guerrila worked closely with Envico to create a brand identity that encapsulated all that they were as a business as well as where they stood apart from the competition. One of the significant features of Envico over their competitors was the ability to review and comment on each course as well as superior customer service and attention to detail.

The industry leading website receives almost a quarter of a million organic visitor’s per year and still growing. Guerrilla has enabled Envico to reduce its Google pay-per-click advertising spend from over $30,000.00 per month to zero.

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