SEO Queenstown

SEO Queenstown – Search Engine Optimisation performed by experienced practitioners. Guerrilla design, build and optimise websites for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. SEO isn’t about the latest tricks or techniques, it’s a long-term digital marketing strategy that takes into account all relevant factors.

Getting SEO Results

Paying customers want to see results quickly, however experienced SEO consultants know better than to promise immediate results. Optimising a website includes site auditing and analysis in addition to researching the competition and keyword research, subsequently results can take time.

Results can come quickly if your website is in good overall shape and the level of competition in your marketplace is low. Or, if you haven’t previously invested in optimising your website for search it’s likely you’ll see a surge in organic website traffic within the first 4 – 5 weeks.


Reduce Pay-Per-Click Advertising Spend (PPC)

Guerrilla focus on designing and implementing more sustainable online sales and marketing strategies. We use the latest SEO techniques and we build equity in your website using professionally written copy, in-house designed graphics and videos. Creating unique and engaging website content is the best way to attract new in-bound links to your website. High quality web copy and engaging content attracts other website owners and webmaster’s to link their web pages to your content, this has a positive effect on your website by improving your in-bound link profile and subsequently your domain authority.

Encouraging relevant search engine traffic to your website without using pay-per-click advertising is smarter business, organic traffic will give you peace-of-mind that your website will generate potential customers even without the use of expensive PPC advertising.

SEO Techniques & Strategies

Combining on-page with off-page optimisation and targeted content marketing on social media platforms can deliver big results. It’s important to use strategies and techniques which are in line with Google’s policy. Deploying old school SEO techniques such as spammy guest blogging, optimised anchors, concentrating on the number of links instead of quality, keyword heavy content and relying on link-backs instead of quality content is a recipe for disaster.

What is On-page and Off-page Website Optimisation?

On-page website optimisation involves web copywriting, images, videos, lists, customer comments, PDF, meta titles, meta descriptions and adding image alt tags amongst other things. Off-page website optimisation includes link profile analysis, link building strategies such as content creation and sharing, link removal campaigns, local SEO and other strategies.

Successful Digital Marketing

A successful digital marketing strategy requires great website design, creative graphic design and search engine optimisation. It also requires professional, interesting and engaging content including copy, graphics and video alongside an effective digital marketing partner to amplify your brand to a relevant audience. Whether you need a website optimised for search, advice on website design and or you want to implement an online digital marketing strategy Guerrilla can help.

SEO Queenstown

Guerrilla is often approached by to increase the position of a website in SERP’s (search engine results pages). As mentioned above there are two elements to consider, the first being on-page optimisation, which can be quoted for in the form of an initial one-off ‘project fee’. For more pro-active and continual off-page optimisation an recurring cost applies. The monthly cost depends on what activities are performed and is charged on a monthly basis.

If you’re committed to succeeding online and you’re ready grow your business by implementing a comprehensive SEO Queenstown strategy let’s talk! Campaigns range from $1000.00 – $10,000 per month.

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