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Jeeves Tools Logo

Jeeves Tools

Jeeves Tools is an ecommerce business, offering high quality power tools, hand tools, construction equipment and machinery for trades and DIY purposes across the United Kingdom. Their online store and brand strategy had to embody not only who they were as a business and their approach to business, but to be eye catching, bright, user-friendly and approachable.

Guerrila worked with Jeeves Tools to create a dynamic brand identity and easy to use online shop that was compelling to DIY practicioners as well as tradesmen.

Jeeves Tools Website Design HomepageJeeves Tools Website Design Homepage
Jeeves Tools Website Design Product PageJeeves Tools Website Design Product Page
Jeeves Tools Stationery on craft deskJeeves Tools Stationery on craft desk
Jeeves Tools Business Cards DesignJeeves Tools Business Cards Design
Jeeves Tools Stationery DesignJeeves Tools Stationery Design
Jeeves Tools Business cards on craft deskJeeves Tools Business cards on craft desk

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