If You Build a Website They Will Come… Right?

We’re afraid not.. it is very unlikely that a new website will simply start generating visitors regardless of how much money you have spent during the design and development stage. Encouraging natural or organic visitors and potential buyers to your site is not easy, it takes knowledge, investment and a lot of time. With the right guidance an optimised website and a profitable and sustainable online sales and marketing strategy can be implemented from the start. If you want to dominate your market and get results then let’s talk!

Website Planning for Sites Involved in E-commerce

When you have a website designed you need to consider which technologies to use, advanced website technologies may be at an additional cost.

Things to Consider

Do you want to host your own shopping cart or use a third party shopping cart?
How are your visitors going to pay for the products you sell online?
Does your website host have secure servers or will a third party service be required?
How is your product shipping to be handled?

Website Technical Stuff

Are you going to use an open source content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

Does your website need a database? SQL or MySQL?
Do you want your website to be built using PHP, ASP or another web programming feature?
Will you be using Web 2.0 applications?

Often website designers will build your website without mentioning or discussing the technical aspects. For example most small business websites are built using PHP programming rather than ASP. A programmer using ASP language will often charge more than a programmer using PHP. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the technologies, however it is important to know what technologies are being used and their pros and cons, getting it wrong in the first instance could turn out to be a very expensive mistake.

If You’re Unsure Take Some Expert Advice

Guerrilla offer web and e-commerce consulting services to help small business owners reduce the risk of spending money on unsuitable technologies and unnecessary services.

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