Author: Andy Fisher

Trainee SEO (Career Change) in Queenstown, NZ

Guerrilla has a new vacancy and opportunity for a ‘Trainee SEO’ in Queenstown CBD. No experience required! This position is a permanent one. The successful candidate will work as part of a small team optimising client websites. Working alongside the owner who is a seasoned SEO practitioner with over a decade of hands-on experience and […]

Social Media Marketing Queenstown

Leverage the power of great website content and a great strategy for social media marketing Queenstown and the rest of New Zealand. Promotion of your website content and copy on social media platforms and networks can help increase your audience and customer base in a big way. Getting started without any previous experience or insight […]

Glossary of Website Terminology

The internet industry, website technology and web services in general can encompass a huge range of new or previously unheard terminologies, references and acronyms. If you’re new to conducting business online or you’re starting to invest in online marketing and search engine optimisation techniques and strategies we have started to collate a list / glossary of popular […]

Website SEO Audit Queenstown

Why Do You Need to Perform an Audit? An SEO audit should be performed regularly, audits are generally conducted for website marketing purposes. When Does Your Website Need Auditing? Some specialists recommend that you perform an SEO audit at both the beginning of each web project and every three months of the year or each […]

SEO Copywriters Queenstown

SEO Copywriters in Queenstown CBD How can I get my website to rank high in search engines? You can start by making the best page on the internet for your topic. Copywriting is creating content which will be used on website, blog and other online media and print type material. Copy is usually used in website content marketing […]

E-Commerce Conversion Tracking

If you haven’t already implemented e-commerce conversion tracking on your website you are not accurately tracking the source of your business sales and enquiries. eCommerce tracking highlights daily, weekly and monthly which advertising campaigns and online marketing activities are generating your business revenue. For the sake of your business and your own peace-of-mind it is […]

Website Analytics

Analysing website data and statistics helps to grow your audience, brand and increase sales. Investing large sums of money in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email newsletters and pay-per-click advertising campaigns require a suitable tool to accurately measure the the effectiveness of your campaigns and the return on your financial investment. Analysing website data will […]