Glossary of Website Terminology

The internet industry, website technology and web services in general can encompass a huge range of new or previously unheard terminologies, references and acronyms. If you’re new to conducting business online or you’re starting to invest in online marketing and search engine optimisation techniques and strategies we have started to collate a list / glossary of popular website terminology and acronyms used by professionals and those of us who are familiar with talking all things web.

We’ve categorised the glossary and website terminology to further help you in understanding which circumstances the acronyms, references and terms are used.


Domain – the name of your website e.g. ending in or .com etc

Hosting – your website is hosted on a server which is usually held at a website hosting company

Website Platform – the name given to the underlying technology a website is built on or using

WP (WordPress) – name of the most popular website platform used to build websites

eCommerce – conducting business online

Online Marketing & Advertising

PPC – pay-per-click advertising

CPC – cost-per-click

SMM – social media marketing

Blog – a page or section on a website which is used for posting new and regular content and updates

Content Marketing – a term used to describe the actions of marketing your website content using social media platforms and networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+

RSS – rich site summary – a web feed used to frequently publish updated information

Search Engine Terms

SEO – search engine optimisation

SEM – search engine marketing

Black-hat – a term given to search engine optimisation techniques and strategies which are against Google’s search engine policy

White-hat – a term given to search engine optimisation techniques and strategies which are within Google’s search engine policy

Grey-hat – a term given to search engine optimisation techniques and strategies which are questionable for or against Google’s search engine policy

Web Tools

GA – Google analytics (website statistics and marketing)

MOZ – an online tool for analysing website statistics and identifying opportunities


mCommerce – mobile commerce / conducting business online using mobile phones and other wireless handheld devices

We will continue to add to this post, please check back at a later date for more terms or if you have any to suggest please get in touch.

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