Website Analytics

Analysing website data and statistics helps to grow your audience, brand and increase sales. Investing large sums of money in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email newsletters and pay-per-click advertising campaigns require a suitable tool to accurately measure the the effectiveness of your campaigns and the return on your financial investment. Analysing website data will give you peace-of-mind that your online marketing is effective and profitable.

website analytics


What Are the Benefits of Analysing Your Site Data and Statistics?

Analysing your site data and statistics enables you to:

  1. analyse visitor traffic
  2. gain valuable insights in to how visitors find and use your website
  3. measure sales and conversions
  4. identify opportunities
  5. improve optimisation on your website
  6. build your audience

Google Analytics | Marketing and Web Analytics Software

Analysing statistical data is made easy by the use of leading-edge analytical software. The most well know ‘marketing and web analytics‘ software available is provided free of charge by Google. The amazing free online software is widely known as ‘Google Analytics‘. Once you’ve registered to use the software you will be provided with some source-code which Google uses to capture information about the visitors on your site. Once you have inserted the code correctly in to your site, Google will start reporting the data within hours.

Please note: you may need to use the services of a web developer to insert the code in to your site unless you are familiar with the process.

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