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Content Marketing in Queenstown

Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing are three fundamental elements of a sustainable online marketing strategy, they work hand in hand. Content Marketing starts with creating great content for your website and sharing it on social media platforms and networks such as Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Reddit.

Marketing Content on Social Media Networks

Marketing your content using social media networks and platforms is an excellent way of building brand awareness. It encourages engagement with your audience online and encourages bloggers, marketers and other website owners to link to your site content. Organic link-building is a important factor in optimising your website for search. The ability to communicate with your audience in real-time is a very powerful tool. Posting, commenting, contributing and reacting to customers online is made easy by the use of free mobile phone social media apps.

Why Post and Share?

Sharing your quality content on social networks and other platforms results in others following, sharing and discussing your content. Don’t just share your own content, get involved by reading, commenting and contributing to other conversations and posts which have been posted by others. Commenting, sharing and discussing content will help you to:

  1. get noticed
  2. build a reputation
  3. build brand awareness
  4. build organic in-bound links
  5. build a large and quality following on social networks

Social Marketing Tip

Search engines such as Google will index your posts so remember to optimise your copy content, posts web pages before you start publishing.

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