E-Commerce Conversion Tracking

If you haven’t already implemented e-commerce conversion tracking on your website you are not accurately tracking the source of your business sales and enquiries. eCommerce tracking highlights daily, weekly and monthly which advertising campaigns and online marketing activities are generating your business revenue. For the sake of your business and your own peace-of-mind it is paramount that you know which campaigns and activities are the least and most profitable. Understanding this information enables you to finely tune your campaigns and activities so that you are not wasting money on activities which are prohibitive or have little or no benefits. Start working smarter today by implementing eCommerce Conversion tracking!

ecommerce conversion tracking

Paid Advertising Conversions

Pay-per-click advertising and other forms of paid online adverts have become far too expensive to simply allow a campaign to run without an effective conversion tracking system in place. Without eCommerce conversion tracking you are not in control of your advertising and you will not implement an effective or sustainable online sales and marketing strategy. Implementing eCommerce conversion tracking is not expensive and it is worth every cent. Website analytics and conversion tracking are provided in one easy-to-use Google Analytics console.

Easily Set Up E-commerce Conversion Tracking for Your Website

To see e-commerce data in your Google Analytics console, you need to enable e-commerce in your reports and add the code provided by Google to your website so that it can collect the required data. If you’re comfortable editing HTML and coding in JavaScript you can do it yourself, alternatively you’ll need help.


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